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Steel Pipes

Steel pipes are hollow cylindrical tubes made of steel that are used for a variety of purposes, including transporting fluids and gases, structural support, and conveying materials. They are typically manufactured through a process called seamless or welded pipe production, where steel is formed into a cylindrical shape and then either heated and stretched (seamless) or welded together (welded) to create a continuous tube.

BI and GI Pipes

Mild steel is used to create Black Iron (BI) pipes, which have a black, uncoated surface. They are frequently used for supply lines for water, oil, and gas. Mild steel pipes are used to create galvanized iron (GI) pipes, which are then zinc-coated.

Seamless Steel Pipes

Pipes made from a solid steel rod that has been perforated by a mandrel during the extrusion process are known as seamless steel pipes because they lack seams or joints throughout their length.