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Steel Tube

Steel tubes are hollow sections in a variety of shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, and oval, that are used in a variety of applications, such as mechanical systems and pressure equipment.

  • Usually, their outer diameter and wall thickness are indicated.
  • Metal alloys, predominantly iron, together with other metals like aluminum and manganese, are used in the production of steel tubes to give them great strength and endurance.
  • Due to their adaptability and capacity to handle high pressure, these tubes are frequently utilized in sectors like construction, infrastructure, automotive, and manufacturing.


Galvanized Iron Tubular, often known as GI Tubular, is a form of steel pipe that has a layer of zinc applied to it in order to prevent corrosion and increase its longevity. 


A steel or metal tube with a rectangular cross-section is known as a rectangular tube. It is frequently used in a variety of fabrication applications where qualities like lightweight and corrosion resistance are crucial.